Reverse Bucket List

Well like any other New Year’s Resolution, I haven’t been too good with this blogging thing! Last weekend during the Sprint Car race at Gas City one of our friends was talking with me and she told me she read my blog, but asked where they were because she hadn’t seen one since I talked about Bryan’s trip to Australia. So, thanks for the motivation Susannah, this one’s for you! Busy doesn’t even come close to describe what it’s been like for the last month or two: school and end of the semester projects and papers, my internship at Andretti has taken me to Florida and California (now getting ready for everything that goes along with the 500 and Month of May), and like I’ve said before, keeping up with Bryan is a full time job. The last day of the semester is next Friday and I am counting down the days! Ready for summer and lots of racing!

Bryan is getting busy too as summer approaches and race season is once again in full force. Right now we’re en route to Nebraska, Eagle and McCool Junction with USAC. We’re 532 miles into this trip and only have a couple hours to go. I’d like to take a little credit for helping with this road trip, but I’ve only been awake for the last 30 miles or so. We stopped in Jacksonville, IL last night and picked up my dad and he’s been behind the wheel since 7 o’clock this morning. Cracker Barrel was the choice for lunch, as usual, and now we’re back on the road! In case you’re wondering, BC’s race day meal choice is always chicken and dumplings with a side of carrots and mac n ‘ cheese.

Eagle and McCool are on tap for tonight and tomorrow followed by a 12-hour trip home to catch Kokomo’s KISS show on Sunday night. Bryan will be in the Buffalo Wild Wings No. 82 at Jacksonville on Wednesday with the Outlaws, Lakeside on Thursday with ASCS, followed by Granite City on Friday, Little Belleville Saturday, and Sunday will find BC in Danville at the MOWA race. If you’re keeping track, that’s eight races in 10 days in four different states in just as many different cars.

Thinking about trips and busy stretches like this made me realize how lucky I am (and Bryan is) for getting to do so many cool things! I get to travel, meet people all over the country (well, world!), and see things that a lot of people never get the opportunity to. I started writing a bucket list a couple months ago, but I came up with a different idea. Why write a list of things I haven’t done when I’ve already done so many cool things? So here they are, 50 things I’ve done that would be crossed off my bucket list (if I had one). I’m calling it my Reverse Bucket List! Enjoy!


Lauren’s Reverse Bucket List

  1. Travel the United States – 31 states
  2. Graduate High School
  3. Stand at the most Southern point of the United States – Key West, Florida
  4. Be accepted into your number one college
  5. Make a difference – little or big (giving blood; donating money to the American Cancer Society)
  6. Watch the World of Outlaws at Eldora from the infield in Turn 1
  7. Watch a baseball game at Busch Stadium
  8. Fall in love
  9. Pull an all-nighter (although this ended badly with me passing out in the airport security line – I’d take this one off the list if possible)
  10. Make a big life decision with no regrets (transferring schools)
  11. Be a big sister
  12. Get a puppy (we all know how much I love Chevy)
  13. Knoxville Nationals (You have to sit in the stands on Saturday night, eat at HyVee, and visit Turn 3 a couple of times to get the full experience)
  14. Participate in a pageant (Ms. Eldora – almost didn’t happen because I had a panic attack when I tried my bikini on days before)
  15. Watch a space shuttle launch
  16. Visit Mt. Rushmore
  17. Go to a professional basketball game (I’m biased, but I think Bankers Life Fieldhouse is the best place for this)
  18. Perform for an audience (Danced for 16 years – loved competing and performing)
  19. Ride in a two-seater sprint car (I had a cute driver too!)
  20. Feed a giraffe
  21. Watch a meteor shower (driving in the car on the way to Jacksonville, 4 hours of shooting stars!)
  22. Visit the Eiffel Tower
  23. Gamble at a casino on my 21st birthday
  24. See Kid Rock in concert
  25. Visit the Vatican City
  26. Rescue a cat (I strongly dislike cats, so this definitely belongs on this list)
  27. Visit the Statue of Liberty
  28. Travel internationally – New Zealand, France, Italy, Costa Rica
  29. Take a road trip by myself – Tampa to Indy in the Monte Carlo (with a stop in Talladega)
  30. Go up in the St. Louis Arch
  31. Ride the subway in NYC (funny story – the family got separated because the doors closed and cut off mom and my sister)
  32. Go to church in a different country (Christmas in New Zealand)
  33. Try sushi (it was gross – again, one I would like to be able to take off the list)
  34. See a Cirque Du Soleil show in Las Vegas
  35. Go to the Indy 500 (standing on the starting grid might have made that experience just a bit more exciting)
  36. Watch the Little 500 at Anderson Speedway
  37. Go zip-lining (in Costa Rica)
  38. Go to Disney – Happiest Place on Earth!
  39. Drive all night somewhere (I’m not sure if this really counts because I’m usually sleeping in the passenger seat)
  40. Ride a camel (Tampa Zoo with Bryan – wish there were pictures!)
  41. Plant a tree (3rd grade Earth Day – it’s still in my Grandpa and Grandma’s backyard)
  42. See a waterfall (New Zealand – Kite Kite Falls)
  43. Be a trophy girl (go back to #15)
  44. Watch the Sky Tower fireworks at midnight on New Year’s Eve in New Zealand
  45. See a drive-in movie
  46. Go Parasailing
  47. Walk to the top of One Tree Hill (New Zealand)
  48. Visit a black sand beach in New Zealand
  49. Go to Busch Gardens in Tampa, FL during Halloween
  50. Go to a Cardinals/Cubs game at Wrigley