More than Just Words

“Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.”

I’ve read this quote probably a hundred times, but it’s never really meant that much to me. It’s always been just words. Tonight I had an “aha moment.” I thought I was having a bad night – I lost my phone charger, had to go to a group meeting for a school project, and I had misplaced my debit card. I was sitting at McDonald’s (we had to relocate when Starbuck’s closed) with two of my group members working on our project. Like I said, I was whiny and kind of in a bad mood when one of my group members said she had something to tell me. I could tell her mood had gotten more serious, but I was busy typing so I didn’t even look up from my computer. Then what she said next got my attention and made me stop and listen to her. She told me she had been diagnosed with LCIS (Lobular carcinoma in situ) – Pre-Breast Cancer. Here I was complaining because I lost my phone charger and she’s actually going through a real problem! Pre-Breast Cancer. It’s not cancer yet, and she explained it’s actually a really good thing they caught this because if it had gone untreated it would have led to cancer.

So, the quote was proven true – Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Hearing my classmate talk about what she’s going through and what she will have to continue to go through in the future to fight this made me realize that my little problems were just that – little. We’re all reminded how lucky we are and how many things we have to be thankful and I’m here to tell you to take the time to stop and count your blessings when you’re given those reminders. She went on to talk about how cancer has been in her family and how she lost her dad from cancer.

Seriously, my lost phone charger could not have seemed more irrelevant or insignificant. I have so many things to be thankful for and it was kind of an overwhelming moment. I have both of my parents. Bryan has both of his parents. Even better – both of our parents are married! That’s not so common these days. I have four grandmas and my grandpa, and a great-aunt who is pretty much like a grandma. I have a crazy little brother who I love more than he knows. Two adorable pups. I’m getting ready to graduate college in a week. It’s things like these that I take for granted, but tonight I was really thinking about how lucky I am.

Count your blessings, people. Be happy. Be kind. Be thankful for the things you have. And remember, everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.