Flying into Friday the 13th

As I write this I’m sitting on an airplane (next to a not-so-good-smelling man) eating some Southwest Honey Roasted peanuts and listening to Kid Rock. I’d tell you what Kid Rock’s singing about, but I better not just in case a youngster’s reading this! Better keep it family friendly. I’m on my way to California to go watch Bryan and the 17w team make their debut! They’re racing with the World of Outlaws tomorrow in Tulare, CA… on Friday the 13th. Seriously. Who planned this schedule? I’m just about the most superstitious person in the entire world, so Friday the 13th would not be my ideal day for BC to make his first start with this new team, but no one asked me! On a positive note – Bryan’s one and only wing win happened on a Friday the 13th!

photo 2(1)So what all has happened since the last time I wrote. We’ve been to Florida, made a couple trips to Grain Valley, MO (to the 17w shop) and attended a Pacers game or two.

Florida – not much to talk about there. At least the racing part anyways! I did get to meet the newest member of the Stewart family member – Buddy the black lab. My parents found Buddy at the racetrack down there and he’s been with them for more than a month now. Dad still isn’t sold on bringing Buddy home with them, but Mom has Buddy convinced his full name is “Buddy Stewart”, so he has to go home with them now! My parents also introduced us to the Riverview Sandwich Shop – home to the world’s best banana pudding. A lunchtime dessert was the best part about our trip to Florida. It’s true – it’s the little things in life that mean the most.

World's Best Banana Pudding

Grain Valley – Well, the last trip to Grain Valley ended with me in the emergency room with a girl I had only met 12 hours before. Before you freak out – I’m fine, but my Monte Carlo… not so much. I got in an accident on the interstate driving home the other day. I was only an hour into my 7 hour trip home. Bryan was in the rig on the way to California with Cole and Adam, my parents are in Florida, and I know absolutely no one in else in Grain Valley – so we had to improvise on what to do to next. I expedited my friendship with Cole’s girlfriend, Taylor, and she really was a trooper about the situation. We met on Monday night and a short 24 hours later she had already taken me to the hospital, helped me regroup after a car wreck, and dropped me off at the airport. Oh, and she saw me partially naked in the emergency room when I was changing into the hospital gown, so really we’ve just about covered all the friendship bases. Since no one was hurt, and I’m very lucky because I know it could have been a lot worse, this is definitely one of those times we’ll be able to look back on and laugh at.

Pacers – I didn’t grow up a basketball fan, but when I moved to Indy a couple years ago I started following the Pacers. I’ve been a big fan ever since and Bryan and I go to as many games as possible. We always try to squeeze a game or two in when we’re home for more than a day. My Pacers are on a playoff push right now, so things are starting to get exciting! Paul George is rumored to be coming back soon, so I’m hoping we’ll (at least this half of we – the other half might be in CA racing still) be able to be at his return game. Racing and basketball – I’m pretty good at being a hoosier, huh?

We’re landing soon and that’s a good thing. Two hours is a long time to avoid breathing – thanks, Mr. Stinky. And he’s hogging the armrest, but oh well, you can’t win them all!

Everyone send some positive vibes, good thoughts, and prayers our way as Bryan starts a new chapter in his career tomorrow! Cross those fingers and toes and wish us luck! I’m sure this season will be filled with plenty of blog-worthy stories and adventures, so I’ll be sure to relay them on to all of you!