Cross Country Crusin’ with Lauren

I’m about to start on the longest road trip of my 23-year-old life. Auburn, CA to Grain Valley, MO – 1,700+ miles. According to my map on my iPhone, we’re only “1 day” away from home! Enjoy the trip!


Mile 1 – Shoot, I probably should have gone to the bathroom one more time before we left…

Mile 90 – I’ve been sent to the top bunk for talking too much.

Mile 92 – I have to pee, but I haven’t told anyone. I wonder when our first stop will be?

Mile 132 – I just heard the glorious sound of a turn signal and I can see a truck stop! Bathroom break! Woo hoo! And it’s three minutes after noon, so we’re right on time for lunch too! Good stop, Truck Driver Adam! Wendy’s for lunch.

Mile 154 – I’m back to riding with everyone else in the truck. Truck Driver Adam just pointed out the first unique sighting of the trip – some sort of dust tornado off to the right.

Mile 231- We are officially in the middle of nowhere. My phone is on “E” and instead of the AT&T sign it says “311-40″ … What does that even mean? Aliens? (Side note: I used think I was an alien thanks to Chuckie from Rugrats and his outtie belly button.)

Mile 255 – No cell phone service and tumbleweeds everywhere. Co-Pilot Shane is napping in preparation for his driving shift.

Mile 372 – I have to pee again.

Mile 385 – Bryan’s asking Shane (new crew chief) about his life story. Quiet guy. I like him already. Oh, and he’s won the Knoxville Nationals four times. I almost choked on a chewy sweet tart when I heard him say that!

Mile 439 – Truck Driver Adam finally stopped! Pee break number two. He’s a trucking machine. Not a big fan of stopping, so I appreciate this one.

Mile 553 – I don’t know when we crossed over, but we’re in Utah! Two states down, four (maybe five?) to go. We’ve got the new guy, Shane, behind the wheel now!

Mile 594 – It’s dark outside. We’re still trucking. Closing in on Salt Lake City.

Mile 692 – I have to pee again. And I’m getting hungry. It’s 9:43pm. I wonder if Truck Driver Shane will ever stop?

Mile 694 – I found chips in the truck! Still have to pee. Half of my problems are solved, so I can’t complain. A lot. I can’t complain a lot. I’m complaining a little because I still have to pee and now I’m thirsty, but can’t drink anymore due to the first problem.

Mile 700 – We are in Wyoming! New state for me, I believe it’s number 38.

Mile 702 – TRUCK STOP! YES. Bathroom break number three and dinner – Subway.

Mile 717 – I just changed into my pajamas and I’m back up on the bunk (my own choice this time). I’m snuggled up up here with my book and Shane’s still truckin’. Hopefully he doesn’t hit any big bumps that throw me off this thing!

(Somewhere in here I missed driving through and stopping in Cheyenne. If I were awake I would have done the Lane Frost wave. Love Lane.)

Mile 1487 – It’s alive! I just woke up. I slept through most of Wyoming and Nebraska. Adam and Shane never stopped truckin’ and we’ve only got a few hours left to go!

Mile 1500 – We’re stopped on a two lane road. Construction possibly? Big semi in front of us so we can’t see. Truck Driver Adam’s getting a little cranky. Hopefully we start moving soon.

Mile 1510 – I have declared the outskirts of Lincoln, Nebraska the butt crack of America. No cell phone service for MILES. No radio stations. … Get me out of this dang truck.

Mile 1540 – I have to pee. Again. I haven’t peed in over 14 hours! I’m going to need a stop soon, Adam…

Mile 1550 – We stopped! Bathroom break and lunch time. Subway again. The breaks and my needs have aligned pretty well on this trip! We must be bonding as a team already.

Mile 1611 – Are we there yet?

Mile 1620 – We’ve gone to silence in the truck. We’ve talked for over a day. No one has anything else to talk about…

Mile 1660 – One hour to go. So close. Yet so far away.

Mile 1661 – We have to go to the truck wash before we go to the shop. Ugh. Maybe I should take a nap. Sleeping is the best way to pass the time. Or I could keep reading my book. It is getting good. Or someone could talk.

Mile 1662 – I’ve decided to read. “The Husband’s Secret” by: Liane Moriarty. It’s a page turner.

Mile 1705 – We’re at the truck wash. Final stop of the trip. It took less than 15 minutes, which is tolerable after a 28 hour trip. I didn’t even have to get out to stretch my legs (or pee).

Mile 1715 – HOME! I did it. I survived. I need to shower and change clothes, but I’m still not grumpy and that is a MAJOR accomplishment. 1,715 miles in a truck and I really didn’t complain (out loud) once. Go me!

I don’t want to ride in a vehicle for a while… And by ” a while” I mean until tomorrow. Tomorrow we’re heading to Jacksonville (4 hours) to pick up our pups and then on home to Indy (another 4 hours)!

Thanks for riding along with me!