Month of May

The Month of May is here and gone. What a whirlwind! We had been planning, talking about, and looking forward to May for a whole year and it seems like it was over in a flash!

50264275_85204_0101_LargeYou all know Bryan did big things in May, but I had a big moment myself! I graduated (officially) from the Kelley School of Business and that was a great way to kick off the month! All of my family from Illinois and Missouri came to Indy for my graduation and they got to go to the Speedway the next day for the first day of practice. It was a wet one, but that gave Bryan some extra time to hang out with my family and show them around – which they loved, especially my 90-year-old Great Grandma Doris who often tells people Bryan is her great-grandson. (When you’re 90, you don’t worry about the details and people don’t bother to correct you!)

photo 1On the first day of practice at the Speedway I had someone say to me, “BC has the weight of the dirt world on his shoulders. How’s that feel?” … Well, that feels like an insane amount of pressure! I don’t think that was true though. I turned it around and told that guy that Bryan had the entire dirt track community supporting him and rooting for him. That is a pretty big support system and there’s not a better fan base in the world, in my opinion. Obviously the month didn’t go as planned, but I think Bryan did the dirt world proud by even being on the big stage that is the Indianapolis 500! It was so neat and so humbling to see all of the sprint car shirts walking around at the Speedway, to read all of the well wishes on social media, and to get text messages from friends from all over the country. It never got old hearing, “I’m not really an IndyCar fan and I’ve never been to or watched the 500, but I’m going to now because I have a reason to!.” How cool is that?!

photo 2(1)

So if you liked seeing Bryan in the Indy 500 – you owe a big thank you to Jonathan Byrd’s Racing. David, Jonathan, and Ginny Byrd made BC being back at the Speedway possible. They appreciate his dirt track roots and they want him to race as much as possible. The Byrd family is committed to Bryan and they want to continue to take him to the 500. (They also support him on the dirt, as well.) I think that’s pretty cool and I appreciate them a ton. (Even if I did take a while to warm up you, David!) Jonathan Byrd’s has a rich history at the Speedway and for them to hand pick Bryan to continue their legacy – that’s a pretty big compliment!

photo 3I have to give a huge shout out to the 90+ people who did the Indiana Double with us! I came up with the idea of BC going to Kokomo after the 500 back in December. I told Bryan about it and he thought I was insane! It took a little bit of convincing, but in the end he thought it would be a great way to get fans involved and it turned out that it was. We had people do the double with us from all over the country – California, Indiana, Missouri, Florida, Illinois, Ohio, & Tennessee. Some of those fans had never been to Kokomo before and some of them had never been to the Indy 500. It was a great mix of people and they all seemed to have a great time. I spent a lot of time working on it, so I’m really glad it turned out as great as it did! We’ve already had people asking about next year, so hopefully it’s something that we can do again! I had a couple come up to me at the NSL race in Farmington last week who said they drove 2 hours that night to come watch Bryan race (on a Thursday night) because they were fans for life now after being part of the Indiana Double! I owe a thank you to everyone at Kokomo Speedway for being so supportive of my crazy idea – thank you for letting Bryan come do what he loves and for letting us bring a big group of fans to watch him! When we pulled into the parking lot on Sunday afternoon, BC said, “Man. I am happy to be here!.” And his determined drive from 13th to 2nd in the feature proved just that!

photo 4(1)Lastly, I want to say thank you to all of the fans who support, love, and root for Bryan. Like I said earlier, he didn’t have the weight of the dirt world on his shoulders, but rather the support of the entire dirt track community! Thank you for believing in Bryan. Thank you for accepting me and loving me like you do Bryan. And thank you for loving our dogs. It’s a really neat feeling walking around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway with Bryan and hearing people not only cheer for him, but saying hi to me and asking about Chevy and Stew, too! One fan, who was wearing a BC shirt, hollered at Bryan one day. Bryan said thank you and added, “That’s a nice shirt!.” The fan then pointed at me and said, “She sold it to me!”. And then he asked where the pups were. That’s fun. That’s why we’re in this crazy life together. So again, thank you.

The Month of May is over, but it’ll be back in 330 or so days. For now, it’s back to the regularly scheduled dirt program!